Your BW Network and Email Accounts

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Are you a new BW student or faculty/staff member?  Access our new user onboarding site: to set up your new BW account.

If you are a current BW student or faculty/staff member and forgot your password or need to change it, CLICK HERE to access our self-service site.

All members of the BW community use Office 365 (Outlook) email.  Access your email account at:  Download the mobile app, too!  

All BW email accounts REQUIRE Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  This is a security practice that verifies your identity by requiring multiple credentials.  Follow these easy set-up instructions


All BW students are required to have a laptop or tablet computer.  IPads and  Chromebooks do not fully meet BYOD requirements.  They can access most programs via Virtual Desktop but may not connect to all software.  Please review the connectivity and speed requirements needed for online or remote learning.

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These policies, standards, guidelines, and agreements govern the use of technology resources at BW.  These apply to all members of the BW community (faculty, staff, students) and guests.