Connecting Your Devices

NOTE:  All user devices must be individually registered in order to connect to the BW wireless network.  This is a one-time process.

  • "BW_Wireless" is the network you will use to register each of your devices (required).  This is a one-time registration process.
  • "BW_Stinger" is the primary campus network you will use after a device is registered and authorized.

  • "BW_Hive" is exclusively for gaming systems, streaming devices, and smart devices.

  • "BW_Guest" (low bandwidth) provides limited access to the internet for campus guests and cannot access BW systems.

All BW email accounts REQUIRE Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  This is a security practice that verifies your identity by requiring multiple credentials.  In most cases, it sends you a text message with an access code.  Set up is easy with these instructions. 

Computer Updates - Run Frequently!

Did you know that your computer needs frequent updates?  Don't get caught off-guard when an automatic update launches and you're in the middle of something important!  Here is a quick tutorial that will help you with the process!