Connecting Your Devices to the BW Wireless Network

Which network do I connect to? 

BW_Jacket    All student devices  (requires Cisco UDN app below)
                         Faculty & staff personal devices and cell phones (requires Cisco UDN app below)
                         BW-owned cell phones (requires Cisco UDN app below)
BW_Stinger   BW-owned faculty & staff laptop computers
BW_Hive        BW-owned devices such as iPads, iPods, and Apple TVs
BW_Guest     Short-term guest access only
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All BW email accounts REQUIRE Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  This is a security practice that verifies your identity by requiring multiple credentials.  Follow these easy set-up instructions

On the 4th Tuesday of each month, BW will release any REQUIRED updates for your Windows operating system and Microsoft 365 applications.  These must be installed for network security.

Did you know that your computer needs frequent updates?  Don't get caught off-guard when an automatic update launches and you're in the middle of something important!  Here is a quick tutorial that will help you with the process!