Your BW H:drive (Network Storage Space)

Your BW H:Drive includes 200MB of file storage space on BW network servers.  You can access your H:drive from the Virtual Desktop client.  Once you are logged in to Virtual Desktop, here is where you will locate your OneDrive account and files.
Click the File Explorer icon in the lower left.  Listed under "This PC" you should see the H:drive.  While using the Virtual Desktop, you can save files to your H:drive, open a web browser, log into Blackboard, and upload the file.  You can also email files to yourself.  Right click on the document, choose "Send To" and then "Mail Recipient."
Labs Save As.PNG
Labs Send To.PNG
Labs Logout2.png
Always LOG OUT of the Virtual Desktop when you are finished.  Click the Windows button, then your name (twice), then "Sign Out."