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Information for Resident Students


BW Game Network

BW has an exclusive network for resident students who wish to connect their gaming systems and play online.  Search for available WiFi networks and select "BWGame."  To obtain the shared key (network password), go to: http://wireless.bw.edu/psk/BWsharedkey.htm.  You'll need your BW username and password to obtain the key. 

Google Chromecast

BW resident students with a Chromecast device (not provided) are able to stream media from their computer or mobile device to their television. First, download the Google Home app to your mobile device. Next, plug your Chromecast device into the HDMI port on your television. You’ll need to register your Chromecast (via the mobile app) on the BW_Game network. Make sure the device you are streaming FROM is running on the Baldwin-Wallace high-speed wireless network.

Connecting Wired Devices

You can connect a wired device to the BW network using an Ethernet cord. After you plug into the wall jack, reboot your computer. Then, open any web browser and you'll be redirected to the wired registration page.

No Routers/Personal Networks

BW students are prohibited from setting up routers or personal wi-fi networks in the residence halls.  They will be discovered and shut down.  These networks interfere with BW network efficiency.  If the wireless connection in your building is slow or spotty, please contact the IT HelpDesk.  A technician will be dispatched to check the service in your area. 


Cable TV

Resident students can connect to BW's cable television provider, Spectrum, in their dorm rooms. Connected televisions must have a QAM digital tuner. Older or inexpensive televisions may not have this feature. Check your owner's manual or manufacturer website to verify.  To access cable service you will need to run a channel scan on your television.  Go to the settings menu and choose auto scan to find cable channels.  Click here for a list of channels available in your BW cable television package. 


Printers in Residence Hall Rooms

Resident students are allowed to have personal desktop printers in their rooms.  These printers should only be connected to their computer and NOT added to the BW wireless network.  Other students can "locate" your printer if you add it to the network and would be able to print to your device or change your settings.  This is not secure.