For Your Protection...


Prevention of SPAM and Phishing Attacks

While BW blocks most fraudulent email, student accounts are targets for viruses and scams. NEVER click on links that ask you to verify an account or enter your user name or password. BW will never ask for this. If you are uncertain of the validity, please call the ITHelpDesk. Protect your identity!


BW Security Protocols:

Be Alert, Be Secure.

Baldwin Wallace is proactive in maintaining high levels of computing security for students, faculty, & staff. 

"Be Alert" is a 5-step guide to working or learning remotely.

BW Encryption Tutorials

BW's Information Technology Policies

Copyright Infringement.png

Copyright Violations and the RIAA

Students are reminded that down-loading copyrighted music & movies is illegal. Network traffic at universities is monitored by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for violations. Campus judicial conduct reviews and/or federal inquires with penalties can occur.


"Patch Tuesday" - Time to Install Your Updates!

On the 4th Tuesday of each month, BW will release REQUIRED updates for your Windows operating system and Microsoft applications.  This applies to all BW-owned computers.  Click here for installation options and instructions. 


BW Academic Integrity &

Student Code of Conduct

The Academic Honesty Policy outlines BW's belief that academic honesty is the foundation of a healthy learning environment. Please review student responsibilities and consequences. Student code of conduct is also essential. You are required to review the BW Student Handbook.

MFA Graphic.png

REQUIRED: Multi-Factor Authentication

BW has added multi-factor authentication to student accounts.  This is where you will receive a text message to verify your identity.  It adds another layer of security to your account and to the BW network.  All students are required to set up the MFA protocols.  Instructions HERE.


RAVE Alerts - Emergency Text Messages

If you've provided your cell phone number to BW, you will receive text messages from the RAVE Alert program for power/system outages, weather alerts, school closings, or campus emergencies.  Those who have not provided a cell number will receive alerts via their BW email.