VMware Horizon "Virtual Desktop"

Virtual Desktop provides students, faculty, and staff with remote access to BW's general pool of lab software.  To use Virtual Desktop, you'll need to download the VMware Horizon client.  Open a browser window on your laptop and go to:  labs.bw.edu.

1. Choose "Install VMware Horizon Client." 

2. The installation file, "VMWare-Horizon-Client-version.exe" will be downloaded to your computer.  

3. Read and agree to the licensing and privacy terms.

4. Click "Agree & Upgrade" to begin the installation.

5. Click "Finish" when complete. 

6. A shortcut icon will be added to your desktop.

7. Click the green icon on your desktop to log in.
Labs Desktop.PNG
8. Next, choose the "Lab Desktop" option.
The desktop displays some of the most frequently used program options.  Click the Windows icon in the lower left to expand the full alphabetical list of available programs.
NOTE:  Many discipline-specific programs are located in the "Academic Software" folder.
Labs Software.PNG
Labs Start.PNG
Always LOG OUT of the Virtual Desktop when you are finished.  
VDI log off.png